Word of Mouth

Tana Y., Associate Producer/Media Coordinator

“Working with Rachael is always a joy. Her interpretation and delivery of a script never disappoints. Rachael has an incredible voice, which is why of course she gets return business from me. Then, there are all the added bonuses of the other boxes that get checked by her in the creative process: Great sounding studio – Quick turnaround time – Clean edited audio – Excellent Communication via email – and Rates that fit my budgets.”

Lowell C, Radio Commercial Producer
Zach F. , Film Editor
Tina H., Director of Video Production
Larry M., Production Director/Network Creative

“Doing business with someone as professional and talented as Rachael is refreshing. Her attention to details makes it easy to provide professional learning opportunities for my organization. Every time I partner with Rachael to record a project, she WOWs me with her response time.”

Monica J., Director of Learning and Development
Ethan G., Producer / Project Manager
Saj A., Creative Director
Brian P., Digital Video Content Manager
Dave L., Director of Multimedia
Jordan P., Director
Andrew M., Audio Producer
Andrew M., Audio Producer
Nora K., Producer
Jay H., Producer
Ellen Q., Talent Agent